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System Integrator Program Logo

RAYNES ENGINEERING INC - AutomationDirect System Integrator

PO BOX 130

Phone: 540-487-1112
P3000 Cmore SureServo
DirectLogic Cmore Micro DuraPulse
Click Optimate Motors

Industry Description:
Raynes Engineering is an automation systems integrator not tied to a specific industry. Our past experience has included material handling systems, medical device manufacturing automation and testing systems, workcell level automation and process control, and renewable energy applications. We provide system level and detailed hardware design and all necessary programming, for standalone and distributed PLC-based control systems and PC based data collection and supervisory systems.

Technical Expertise:
Key areas of expertise include: data driven machine control, data acquisition, integration of precision measurements and signal processing into automation and control systems; PC-based applications to connect PLCs with company databases and web services. Have written numerous PC and PLC applications implementing Modbus as well as full custom Ethernet and Serial protocols, for integration with other pieces of complex machinery and measurement equipment. 30 years total experience as a BSEE.
Services Provided
  • Electrical Design
  • Software/Programming
  • Panel Building and Assembly
  • Field Service on systems installed by this SI
  • Field Service on systems installed by others
Service Region
  • SouthEast
  • NorthEast
  • MidWest
PLC Product Experience
  • Click PLC
  • BRX/Do-more PLC
  • DL205/05/06 DirectLogic PLCs
HMI/Operator Interface Experience
  • C-More Touch Panels
  • C-More Micro Touch Panels
Motion Control Products Experience
  • DuraPulse Series AC Drives
  • WEG AC Drives
  • AC Motors