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System Integrator Program Logo

AFFINITY ENERGY - AutomationDirect System Integrator

CHARLOTTE, NC 28269-7503

Contact: Allan Evora
Phone: 704-766-2060 110
P3000 Cmore SureServo
DirectLogic Cmore Micro DuraPulse
Click Optimate Motors

Industry Description:
Affinity Energy is a vendor-neutral control systems integrator with a national portfolio of over 800 power automation projects and expertise working with facilities that seek open, turnkey systems for power management and energy optimization. We design, build, implement, and support controls, instrumentation, and monitoring systems during the design and/or build phases of utility-scale solar, data center, medical campus central energy plant, manufacturing, and waste-to-energy industry projects.

Technical Expertise:
As a power and energy systems integrator, Affinity Energy designs, builds, programs, integrates, commissions, and services turnkey or a la carte solutions including SCADA, EPMS, PLCs, submetering, power management, and other instrumentation and control systems. We offer a wide range of customizable control and monitoring solutions using industry-standard open protocols including Modbus, BACNet, SNMP, OPC, and ODBC.
Services Provided
  • Electrical Design
  • Software/Programming
  • Panel Building and Assembly
  • Turn-key Systems
  • Field Service on systems installed by this SI
  • Field Service on systems installed by others
Service Region
  • SouthEast
  • NorthEast
  • MidWest
PLC Product Experience
  • Click PLC
  • Pro 1000/2000/3000 PAC
  • DL205/05/06 DirectLogic PLCs
  • DL405/305/105 DirectLogic PLCs
HMI/Operator Interface Experience
  • C-More Touch Panels
  • C-More Micro Touch Panels
  • Point of View HMI/SCADA