Topic: CM010

Connection Through Another Panel (Pass Through)




The following information applies to the Connection Through Another Panel option available on All the PLC Panel Manager Setup windows.





Connection Through Another Panel Option

(Pass Through)

In addition to providing the fields to configure the Protocol for the PLCs supported by C-more Touch Panels, the C-more Software's Panel Manager provides an option to Connect Through Another Panel.  The Connection Through Another Panel selection allows you to connect a C-more Touch Panel to other C-more Touch Panels on your network via an Ethernet connection.  This type of connection is also known as a Pass Through Connection.


The Connect Through Another Panel option allows a Panel (the Client Panel) to use a second Panel (the Server Panel) that is connected to a PLC serially, as its connection to the Server Panel's PLC.  Therefore, the Server Panel will pass data through itself from the Client Panel to the PLC and from the PLC to the Client Panel.


There are several advantages to this option:


  • Where you can not normally have multiple Touch Panels on one serial network, unless it is a multiple master network, Pass Though will allow you to connect multiple panels to a PLC that only supports Serial communications.


  • If the PLC is already connected serially to a C-more Touch Panel and the Panel can be connected to a local Ethernet network, Multiple Touch Panels can be connected anywhere on the same Ethernet network and communicate with the PLC as if serially connected to the PLC themselves.


The following is an example of a Panel Pass Through Connection:






  1. Each PLC is operating an independent application and is connected to a C-more Touch Panel through a serial connection.

  2. Each C-more Touch Panel is connected to the Ethernet network.  The Server panels do not have Connect Through Another Panel configured.  Each Server panel needs only a unique IP address in addition to the communication configuration between itself and the serially connected PLC.

  3. The Client panel is configured to use Pass Through and communicates with the Server panels on an Ethernet network.  The Client panel is configured with it's own unique IP address.







  1. The Name of the PLC must be identical in the Server panel and in the Client panel.

  2. The PLC Protocol must be identical in the Server panel and in the Client panel.



  1. Select the IP Address of the Server panel.  A list of previously connected panels can be accessed by clicking the down arrow in the IP Address field.  Or, click the Select IP Address button to open the Ethernet Connection Setup window and select your panel.