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AutomationDirect DirectLogic Ethernet to H0/H2/H4 ECOM Modules Setup

The DirectLOGIC Ethernet protocol is used with:

The C-more panel is the master when communicating with a DirectLOGIC PLC.

Notes: It's important that the IP Address Subnet for the C-more Panel and the PLC ECOM module are the same in order for the two devices to communicate via Ethernet. It is also important for the PC to have the same Subnet in order for it to communicate with both devices.

The Mode Switch of all DirectLogic PLCs must be in (TERM) position in order for the C-more Panel to communicate with the PLC.  DirectLogic PLCs support Multi-level Password protection of the ladder program. This allows Password protection while not locking the communication port to an operator interface. The Multilevel Password can be invoked by creating a Password with an upper case A followed by seven numbers (e.g., A1234567). Please refer to the specific PLC user manual for further details.

When the DEV001 Icon is selected, the right portion of the window will change to display the Device Setup screen for DEV001. From the PLC Protocol field, click on the down arrow and select  AutomationDirect ECOM Ethernet (DL05/06/205/405).

C-more Panel Manager Settings

To manage Panel Manager settings,

  1. Do one of the following:



  1. From the Panel Manager window, click on the DEV001 selection on the tree to the left.
    The Device Setup window opens.



Note: We will only be able to see the IP Address of the ECOM module if it has been assigned the same Subnet as the Network Interface Card (NIC) that is setup in the PC and they are networked together.

Any time you select a different PLC Protocol than the one already displayed, the Warning Message shown below will pop up. Click Yes to accept and the Fields for the selected Protocol will be displayed as shown on the figure above.

The following shows the Node List dialog box with the ECOM module highlighted for the PLC ECOM module that we are configuring. Click on the module you want to use to highlight it.

The Module Name and IP Address will automatically be entered into their respective parameter boxes when the Node List dialog box's OK button is clicked. The result is shown below. We have kept the other parameters with their default settings.

Note: The Module Name parameter will import the name that has been assigned for the ECOM module, but the Module Name does not have to be the same as what was assigned for the ECOM module. You can create any name that you prefer.

If the ECOM is not connected and you know the IP Address that has been assigned to the ECOM module, then you can enter that IP Address into the parameter box manually.  Before you can click the OK button in the Panel Manager dialog box, you will need to enter a name in the Module Name box.  Again, the name does not have to be the same as the module name assigned to the ECOM module, although it allows keeping track of the various devices in your network easier if the names for each module are kept consistent.

In the example, we have selected an IP Address of, etc. It is important to make sure that the selections for the protocol in the Panel Manager match the selections that we will make in the setup of the PLC's ECOM module which follows.

Example Setup for the PLC ECOM Port for DirectLOGIC Ethernet

In the DirectSoft Programming Software, under the DSLaunch window, select the NetEdit 3 utility form the Main Menu tree.

Select the ECOM module that we will be using with our C-more touch panel by double clicking on it.

The General Settings dialog box will pop up. It is within this box that we will set our Module ID Number, Name, IP Address and Subnet Mask for our example.

Click OK when finished to accept.

Checking C-more Panel's IP Address

The C-more panel's IP Address can be checked by using the Panel Tab on the C-more Programming Software's Navigation Window shown below, and then selecting Ethernet under the Communication Config dialog at the bottom of the Navigation Window, and then clicking the Browse button.

The Dialog Window shown below will pop up. Identify the panel that you will be communicating with from your PLC. From this window you can also select the C-more panel that you wish to communicate with from your PC.

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